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Validating steps configuration

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The validation process validates a steps configuration file.


There are five validation checks:


File locations
The files needed for further validation are checked for their availability.


The entire steps configuration file is checked, this check will make sure the steps are conform the specified xml schema.
In this step the connection is tested with the synchronization server. If the synchronization server is not available or unresponsive you will be notified
and the validation fails.
The version in the steps configuration file is checked against the supported version from the IM Sequencer.


All steps settings are being validated, if a settings is not applicable you will be notified about this, also the management agent names are being checked
with the synchronization server. If the management agent is not available you will be notified and the validation fails.
Note: When the validation fails on this step, you are provided the options to correct the missing or delete any incorrect steps.



                               Validation is success

All 5 validation checks need to be passed before you can continue starting the steps.


When all validation checks are success you can press the "OK" button, the IM Sequencer will then load all steps in the main screen allowing you to view and start the management agents.


If one validation checks fails there will be a red cross before the validation check, you can double-click on the failed validation check to receive more information about what went wrong:



                       Connection validation check failed


You can press the retry button to validate again with the same settings. Press "OK" to close the validation process.


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