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Using the help window

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Finding the Topic You Want


To display help information in this window, click a topic in the Contents sidebar. Click the plus icon triangle next to a topic to see its subtopics.


To search for a help topic, type a word or phrase in the Search bar to see related topics. Click on a topic to read about it. If your search doesn't return any topics, try typing fewer words or a different combination of words. The results will be displayed in the Search sidebar as you type. To display the contents in the sidebar again, click the close button on the Search sidebar, clear the Search bar, or press Esc.


To see information related to the Help topic you are reading, click links in the Help window just as you would in a regular web page.  You can also move back and forth between pages you've already seen using the Back and Forward buttons.


Search Tips


If you don't find what you want, here are a few helpful tips:


Be sure that you are searching for something that relates to the IM Sequencer, this is not a general Internet search.
Try to broaden your search - don't be too specific; terms could be called differently than your search.
Avoid being too broad with your search.  For example, a common word like "page" will likely return more topics than you want.


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