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A Task contains a couple of settings, Triggers, Steps and Conditions.


The Trigger tells a Task when it should start, the Steps tell the Task what it should do when it starts and a Condition tells the tasks if it is allowed to start. Read more about typical task scenarios here.



The task name needs to be unique. With the Task name you can identify your task more easily.
The description can be used to understand the tasks purpose.
Indicates if this task is currently enabled. If the task is disabled it will never be started.
                                       Task general settings
The triggers are the schedules for when the Task must be started, a trigger can start at a specified time and can be repeated for an
amount of time.  Currently only a Daily Trigger is supported.
A Task can have multiple Triggers, these Triggers can overlap each other. A task will start every time a Trigger fires.
If multiple Triggers will fire at the same time the task will be started only once!
You can add/edit or delete Triggers on the "Triggers" tab within a Task. You can reorder the trigger by selecting the trigger and pressing the up or down button on the right side.
Read more about triggers here

                                                       Task triggers view


Every Task need to have a minimum of 1 step, if there are no steps specified for a Task the Task will do nothing. The Steps in a Task
are the actual workload.
You can add/edit or delete Steps on the "Steps" tab within a Task, you can reorder the step by selecting the step and pressing the up or down button on the right side.
Read more about steps here
                                                       Task steps view
Every Task can have conditions. Conditions controls if a task is allowed to start. The conditions can be checked several times before failing to start the task. This can be use full to wait starting the task until another task is finished.
       Retry failed conditions for x minutes before aborting the task
The conditions are checked again and again (in relation to the interval) for the maximum number of minutes before the task is aborted. All conditions should be evaluated to "true" before the task is started.
       Retry conditions every x minutes
This settings defines how many times the conditions are checked until the maximum minutes is reached
Read more about conditions here
                                                       Task conditions view
Alerting enabled
Altering allows you to define what should be done when the task is finished but not successful
When alerting is enabled you can configure a list of recipients. These recipients will receive all a e-mail with the results from the task that failed.
The task result report contains information about what is failed and optionally the output for every step (if available)
Always send alert to recipients when this task finishes
When checked all configured recipients will always receive a e-mail. This e-mail contains the results from the task.
                                                       Task alerting
Delete task if not scheduled again
When the task is no longer scheduled it can be deleted. This option can be used for tasks that are only scheduled once.


Stop task if running longer than X hours
When a task is running longer than the specified time it can be stopped. Do not set this option if you don't know how long a task will be
Note: Be careful not setting the run period to low, you can loose information when a Task is aborted during a run.
Allow task to be started and stopped from external sources
Task are normally started via triggers within the IM Sequencer Service, but via the IM Sequencer Automation package tasks can be started and stopped via Powershell, FIM, Omada or webservice calls. If you don't want this for a specific task you can deselect the option for the task. Whenever external calls are made to start/stop this task the caller will receive a exception.
Ignore step behaviors
This option is used to fall back on the default that was used in versions prior to IM Sequencer 5.0. The step result behavior feature was introduced in version 5.0.
                                                       Task advanced settings


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