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SQL step

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The SQL step is a custom step that will execute a stored procedure in a SQL database


       General setting
       All general custom step settings are described below, to develop your own step plugin read more here.


The SQL step is called "Traxion.IM.Scheduler.Plugins.Sql.SQLStep"



The following parameters apply for the SQL step.


Stored procedure name        
The name of the stored procedure to execute


Stored procedure parameters
Optional parameters for the stored procedure, for example @PARAM = N'value1', @PARAM2 = N'value2'".


Server name
The server name
Database name
The database name where the stored procedure is in


Instance name
The instance name, leave default if there is no other instance        


Use integrated security        
If set to true the service account from the IM Sequencer service will be used to connect (this accounts needs to have sql login right to the appropriate database and rights to execute the stored procedure).


If integrated security is not used, this account and password are used to connect.


The password that belongs to the username.


Handle errors                
If set to "True"  errors with a lower severity (lower than 17) will not halt the execution, but will be logged and the execution will continue.


Validate output result        
If set to true the output will be validated, the output should return 0 (in the 1st record) to validate correctly (or alternate success codes needs to be set on the step).


SQL command timeout
This is the command timeout in seconds, default 30 seconds, set 0 for infinite (not recommended!)


SQL connection timeout
This is the connection timeout in seconds, default is 15 seconds, set 0 for infinite (not recommended!)


                               SQL step type settings


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