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Status report templates

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The IM Sequencer is delivered with 3 predefined status report templates.





From version 3.5, the IM Sequencer now contains a report template that contains all run statistics and error information that occurred during a run. This report is the most advanced report. When using Custom Filtering you should use this report template.
See examples below
The simple template displays all steps but not all information is displayed, in difference with the expanded status report. The Pre and Post processing results are not displayed as separate results on the template.
See examples below


The expanded status reports displays all steps and more information rather than the simple status report, for example the Pre en Post processing result are displayed as seperate columns in the displayed table.


See examples below
The status report below is created using the "Traxion_TotalStatusReport_Template.xslt". As you can see there are "+" signs before the management agent name.

When clicking on the "+" sign before a step more details are displayed:


Every step that belongs to the runprofile is displayed. For every step the statistics are shown. When errors occurred during the run they will appear below each step. Every error that is equal are grouped together. This can be seen below, you see 3 separate errors and 4 grouped errors.



When the errors are collapsed again you will see the following overview:



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