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FileDirectory condition

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The FileDirectory condition validates if a specific file or directory does or does not exists.


       General setting
       All general file/directory settings are described below


File / Directory
You can specify a file or directory to validate. This file or directory should or should not exists to validate this condition to true. You can change its behavior by checking or unchecking the checkbox below.
Note: You can also use a '*' as wildcard character to search for files or directories matching a specific pattern.



Check if exists to validate this condition
If enabled the file/directory should exists, if unchecked the file/directory should not exists in order to validate to "true"



       As seen on the screenshot below, the file "Sequencer_Client.log" should exist in order to validate to true, if the file is not available the condition validates to "false".
       A condition that validates to false will cause a Task to not start


                                               FileDirectory condition


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