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Steps configurations

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The steps configurations are one of the most important parts for the IM Sequencer. The step configuration files control the actual flow for the steps to be executed.


A step configuration file is stored in a XML file, this XML file is processed by the IM Sequencer, this way the IM Sequencer knows when to start certain steps.


You can create a new step configuration file with the IM Sequencer trough the Steps menu. You can select the option "New steps configuration".

After you have selected this option the connection is being validated, if FIM/MIM is not locally available and you did not provide any connection information in the connections pane a popup dialog will be shown and the connection information needs to be supplied. Information about the connection information can be found here.


If you want to edit the steps configuration file name, press  the button with "..." next to the file name, the save dialog will pop up and ask the new configuration name.


When the connection to the server is established you can start creating the steps configuration.


There are two important options that have to be set:


The steps configuration file is saved on the specified location and name, you can press the "..."  button to select a file or directory.
note: If you don't specify a directory, the step configuration file is stored in the "RunProfiles" directory, within the installation directory.
Run mode
You can specify the run mode, the default run mode is "Start steps after another", this means all steps defined on the root level will start after each other (sequential). It cannot be possible that there are two or more steps running on the root level when the run mode is set to Synchronize.
When you change the run mode to "Start steps at once" the steps defined on the root level will all start at the same time. The sequencer run is finished when all steps are finished or stopped.

                                       Edit steps configuration



To add steps you can click the "Add step" button, you will be asked what type of step you wish to create (SingleStep or MultiStep).


When you want to add inner steps to a MultiStep, click the MultiStep in the view and then click the "Add step" button.


To change the steps order click the step in the view and then the "Up" or "Down" button on the right (see screen above).

All steps can be moved in every direction, you can move SingleStep outside it's MultiStep by navigating to the top or bottom.


When you are finished creating or editing the steps configuration you can press the "Ok" button. This will create or save the steps configuration file. If you are creating a new steps configuration file you will be asked if the steps configuration file should be loaded. The new steps configuration is first validated and then loaded into the steps view.


Tip: You can also right click in the view to enable the context menu.




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