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ActiveDirectory synchronization trigger

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The Active Directory Synchronization trigger is a custom trigger, and specifically build for Active Directory. This trigger uses the synchronization cookie to fetch changes, this is the same technique as the Active Directory Management Agent from FIM/MIM  uses to detect changes.


       General setting
       All general custom trigger settings are described below, to develop your own trigger plugin read more here.


The ActiveDirectory Sync trigger is called "Traxion.IM.Scheduler.Plugins.AD.ADSyncTrigger"



The following parameters apply for the Active Directory Synchronization trigger.


Path to start looking for changes (including the sub trees)


The LDAP format filter string that is used to search for changes


The username that is used to connect to Active Directory, leave empty to use the service account
The password for the specified username, leave empty to use the service account


Specify the authentication type used to connect, default is secure, other valid options are:












                       ActiveDirectory synchronization trigger type settings


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