Product overview

The IM Sequencer is designed to run on Windows. If you are a administrator or developer for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 (MIM), FIM 2010, ILM 2007 or MIIS 2003, the IM Sequencer will let you control and manage your daily identity management operations easily and effectively.

The IM Sequencer is indispensable if someone is involved in the development and maintenance of complex systems that are managed by FIM/MIM. For example, these systems could be Active Directory, Novell Directory Services, SQL Server, Files, SAP etc.

IM Sequencer presents a convenient intuitive interface, where you can create step configurations that contain individual single steps (a single step is a combination of a management agent and a runprofile). You can even control if management agents should start simultaneous by creating a special multi step (step that contains other steps).

The IM Sequencer uses WMI to instruct FIM/MIM to start managements agents, you do not have to know anything about scripting or WMI. With the IM Sequencer you will only have to configure what you want to do.

With the build-in scheduler service your are able to start management agents at predefined times or events, it's even possible to start pre and post processing tasks before and after the management agents starts. You can even start a task when there is data within Omada or the FIM/MIM portal ready to be synchronized.

The IM Sequencer is a powerful tool that gives you complete control over which, when and how your management agents will start and what there needs to be done to complete the synchronization cycle.

Via the powerfull trend and analysis module you can easily find trends in your synchronizations via a graphical model.

Learn more about the IM Sequencer features or download a brochure here