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Time trigger

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The Time trigger is a trigger that is able to start on predefined times and within certain intervals.


       General setting
       All general time trigger settings are described below


Repeat pattern
There are several repeating pattern, all patterns and their purposes are described below:
- RunOnce
The RunOnce pattern is designed to only trigger once at a specified time.
For instance "Trigger on 27-2-2011 at 9:00"
- Minutely
The minutely pattern is designed to trigger every x minutes, the trigger has a startime and a endtime
For instance "Trigger every 15 minutes from 9:00 to 15:00 but not on friday, saturday or sunday"
- Hourly
The hourly pattern is designed to trigger every x hours, the trigger has a startime and a endtime
For instance "Trigger every hour from 7:00 to 20:00 but not on saturday or sunday", or from 23:00 till 5:00 on sundays
- Daily
The daily pattern is designed to trigger every x days at a specified time
For instance "Trigger every day at 8:00"
- Weekly
The daily pattern is designed to trigger every x weeks at a specified time within specific weekdays.
For instance "Trigger every 2 weeks day at 8:00"
- Monthly
The daily pattern is designed to trigger every x months at a specified time and day within the month.
For instance "Trigger every 2nd friday every 4 months"


Start time

The time when this trigger should trigger.


End time
The time when this trigger no longer can trigger, this only applies for the repeat pattern "Minutely" & "Hourly".
This option enables you to set the repeat for the specified repeat pattern.
Every repeat pattern has it own repeat:
- RunOnce        - No repeat pattern
- Minutely        - Repeat every "x" minutes (minimum 5 minutes, maximum 60 minutes)
- Hourly        - Repeat every "x" hour(s) (minimum 1 hour,maximum 24 hours)
- Daily        - Repeat every "x" day(s) (minimum 1 day, maximum 7 days)
- Weekly        - Repeat every "x" week(s) (minimum 1 week, maximum 52 days)
- Monthly        - Repeat every "x" month(s) (minimum 1 month, maximum 12 months)


On the following days  (does not apply for "RunOnce" and "Monthly" pattern)
This option enables you to specify witch days the trigger can trigger on the specified time within the specified repeat.
Monthly (applies only for "Monthly" pattern)
You can specify on witch exact day in the month the trigger should trigger, or you can specify on witch day in a specific week in that month it should trigger
This option only applies for Time Triggers with a repeat pattern of "Monthly"
                       Time trigger settings (Hourly type pattern)


       Advanced setting

       The time trigger has some specific advanced settings, these are described below.


Repeat Task
The repeat trigger option enables you to start the trigger multiple times on the same day.
When the trigger initially triggers, and you have configured the repeat it will repeat every 'x' minutes until the total 'duration' minutes are passed, it will not respect any end time.


- Every
Indicate how many times the trigger should trigger after it triggered initially, you can set minutes or hours.


- Duration
Indicates how long the repeat should last, you can only set a period (minutes/hours).


- If the task is still running, stop it at this time
If enabled the task will be stopped if the trigger is exceeding the duration that is set above.


Enabled delayed start


       Delayed start enables you to still start the trigger when the "Start" time is already passed, you apply this option if the task is running for a long time and
       you still want the trigger to trigger.

                           Time trigger advanced settings (Daily trigger pattern)


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