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Steps view

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When you have successfully loaded a step configuration file the steps view will be displayed.


There are three options that can be changed within this view:

                          Steps view options


Expand running step
The step that is currently being executed is expanded in the steps view (if the step is collapsed), the step is collapsed again when the run is finished.
Expand all steps
This option will expand all steps within the entire configuration.
Show advanced view
This option will show more information about each loaded step, this option enables you to quickly check each individual step configuration.


The steps view will display all steps within the configuration that you just have loaded.

It also displays the used steps configuration file.



                       The steps are loaded but not started


When the steps are started each step will change their color according to what state the step is in, if the step is running the background color from this step will be changed to running color. The running color can be changed trough the program options, this also applies to the color for success, warning, error and undefined step results.



                       The steps are executed and have individual result
The image above shows a couple of success steps and two steps that have an undefined step result (result text is not defined in any step indicator).

The MultipleStep export has an error result because the inner steps have an undefined step result.


The colors can be changed trough the program options.

The overall result from all steps will be displayed in the statistics pane,


Tip: You can check each individual step result by clicking the step with the right mouse button, this will show detail information about the step and if a detail
       reports is generated you can view it here.

Tip1: You can selectively start the steps by right clicking on a step and press the button "Start step from here", "Start steps before here" or "Start only this step" all other steps will be disabled temporarily. When finished the steps will be enabled again.


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