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Omada trigger

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The Omada trigger is a custom trigger, and specifically build for Omada Identity Manager. This version works with Omada version 6 till 11.


       General setting
       All general custom trigger settings are described below, to develop your own trigger plugin read more here.


The Omada trigger is called "Traxion.IM.Scheduler.Plugins.Custom.OmadaTrigger"



The following parameters apply for the Omada trigger.


This is the location to webservice that is used for detecting delta's. The webservice that is being used is oim_miiswebservice.asmx. You need to provide the full url to this webservice.


These are the dataobjects uid's that are used within the synchronization service. default 'identities'.


Use integrated security
If set to "True" (default) then the current user (IM Sequencer service account) will be used to connect to the Omada webservice. The IM Sequencer user needs to be created as a user and needs to have "System administrator" rights to read all the information needed to detect delta changes.


If integrated security is not used you will need to provide a valid username to connect to Omada. This username needs to exists as a User object within Omada and needs to have. adminstrator rights.        


If integrated security is not used you will need to provide a password for the username.                


Set the timeout in milliseconds that the webservice should respond to.


                               Omada trigger type settings


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