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Manage service

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Within the IM Sequencer Service dialog you can control the service that is responsible for executing scheduled tasks.


This will start or stop the IM Sequencer Service, stopping the IM Sequencer Service will stop all the running tasks it also clears any trigger


This will pause or continue the IM Sequencer Service, use this function when you need to change a system settings and you do not want to lose any information .
Note: Setting the Scheduler service in pause will not pause the currently running tasks, however no new tasks will be started.


This will restart the IM Sequencer Service, the behavior is the same as pressing the stop and start buttons.
Reset task state
When you stop the service all state information about the current tasks are saved. State information enables the service to know witch trigger has triggert before. Using this option will delete the task state and restart the service. All triggers are reset and current run information is set to nothing.


Pressing the close button will close the dialog.
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