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The IM Sequencer is able to send reports to a specified list of recipients.


Sender name
Reports received from the IM Sequencer will have this senders name, this is set default to "IM Sequencer".
Reports received from the IM Sequencer will have this senders email address.
The IM Sequencer will send the reports to the specified list of email addresses.
Delivery options
The delivery options define how the IM Sequencer should deliver the emails to the configured recipients.
       Delivery method
       There are 2 methods for connecting to the mail server:
               Use IIS pickup directory
               You can install the SMTP component for IIS. This component handles the delivery for email messages and contains
               advanced settings for sending emails. More information about the IIS SMTP component can be found here.
               Use SMTP Servers
               The IM Sequencer will try the following SMTP servers when sending the email, if the first servers fails the next server in the list is tried.
       If the mail server requires any authentication before sending email you can set the domain\username and password.
       Use SSL
       Set this option if your mail server requires a SSL connection before a email can be send.

                                                    Mailing settings


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