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Version 7.0.0

This versions introduces smarter synchronization, new plugins, .NET 4 and 64 bit support, support for MIM, audit logging and trend analysis using graphs


Added:                Ignore the retry errors (for a maximum period) to determine if a export or synchronization is required
Added:                Suspend and resume tasks automatically to support an automatic maintenance window
Added:                File/Directory conditions now support checking for files/directories including wildcards
Added:                Audit logging for the scheduled tasks who started/stopped/disabled/suspended etc
Added:                Analyse and detect trends and anomalies using the new Graph feature to generate charts about run duration or export errors
Added:                New option to retry a specific run profile for a maximum amount of times in case of unresponsive target systems
Added:                Quick disable/enable scheduled tasks in the context menu
Added:                Encrypt or decrypt files step


Changed:                Upgraded to 64 bit
Changed:                Upgraded to .NET framework 4
Changed:                MIM 2016 supported


Fixed:                Bug: Scheduled tasks not always reloaded when tasks were running



Version 6.0.1

This minor version fixes a few bugs and adds some new features


Added:                All Powershell triggers, steps and conditions support a configured script username and encrypted password
Added:                All Powershell triggers, steps and conditions have the option to bypass the powershell execution policy
Added:                When tasks are stopped manually or automatically this information is shown within the report


Fixed:                Bug: External processes did not properly closed their output threads
Fixed:                Bug: Executing steps in test mode could result in unresponsive client due to retrying


Version 6.0.0

The IM Sequencer 6.0.0 introduces new plugins based on WinSCP, FIM 2010 R2 and lots of more:


Added:                FTP, FTPS and SCP plugin for triggering, downloading uploading etc based on WinSCP (triggers, conditions and steps)
Added:                New FIM 2010 R2 trigger which has more fine grained triggering capabilities (on specific attribute for instance)
Added:                New RemoveFilesAndDirectories step to remove files and or directories that match a filter and are older than x days
Added:                'System' related tasks are now executed by the IM Sequencer Service, for instance removing old reports.
Added:                Added the option to remove IM Sequencer reports older than 'x' days
Added:                All IM Sequencer components are digitally signed, including the setup
Added:                New option in the Task condition to not trigger if there is any 'other' task running in stead of creating multiple task conditions for a single task
Added:                Tasks and conditions can now be reordered via the client interface
Added:                Timetriggers Minutly and Hourly paterns now support time periods from 23:00 till 6:00, previous versions required 2 separate triggers (one from 23:00 till 23:59 and one from 0:00 till 6:00)
Added:                ManagementAgentTriggers, Customtriggers and FileTriggers now support time windows from 23:00 till 6:00 (overlapping days)
Added:                Runprofile steps now have an description field where you can store important information about a specific step


Changed:                Improved installer to optionally skip validating the credentials when they cannot be validated due to security policies on service accounts
Changed:                FileCopyMove now respects the source or destination permissions for files if required
Changed:                Improved the time it takes to load the plugins and show the dialog
Changed:                Expanded the interface constraint for providing post or pre processing tool arguments
Changed:                Updated obfuscation tooling
Changed:                Improved avoiding deadlocks in multiple TaskConditions that are checking each other
Changed:                Increased maximal length for pre and post process arguments
Changed:                The service account now receives delete folders rights on the installation folder to be able to remove old reports
Changed:                Minutely Timetrigger now supports 1 minute interval as the smallest interval
Changed:                Plugin editing now is handled by the propertygrid control, which provides more flexibility
Changed:                IM Sequencer e-mail reports are now optimized to be viewed on mobile devices
Changed:                License handling improved


Fixed:                Bug: Order of controls not correct when changing tasks
Fixed:                Bug: Minutely trigger did not calculate correctly the next trigger time when executing every minute
Fixed:                Bug: Executing custom plugins manually resulted in a extensive load within the client because of a refresh issue
Fixed:                Bug: Editing scheduled tasks is not always correctly loaded in the interface
Fixed:                Bug: ADTrigger did not found changes correctly


Version 5.0.2

The IM Sequencer 5.0.2 is for the most part a security update:


Changed:                Removed FIM workflow
Changed:                Improved plugin error handling


Fixed:                       Bug: IM Sequencer Service did not shut down correctly when running out of disk space


Version 5.0.0

The IM Sequencer 5.0.0 introduces Powershell functionality, Webservices, redesigned logo, new Plugins and lots of more:


Added:                Powershell trigger, step and condition plugins
Added:                Remote Powershell trigger, step and condition plugins
Added:                Automation capabilities via Powershell or regular Webservice calls to start, stop and view tasks that are running via the scheduler engine
Added:                Omada code methods library is added which makes it possible to start synchronization from the Omada portal using events or workflows
Added:                Sql trigger that triggers when a specific sql query returns results
Added:                Sql simple step that enables executing sql queries
Added:                Active directory trigger that triggers when data changes within active directory
Added:                Active directory sync trigger that triggers when data changes within active directory using the synchronization cookie technique
Added:                Task steps can not follow alternative paths (behaviors) when results are success or not success, this mean specific steps can be stepped over if other step fails.
Added:                Tasks can be configured to allow to be started or stopped externally (via Powershell, Webservice or Omada workflows) from other servers
Added:                New email report template added that shows all synchronization information within a single e-mail (all expanded)


Changed:                Redesigned application logo
Changed:                Backup locations for FileCopyMoveStep can no be set to both absolute or relative paths
Changed:                Filetriggers now accepts UNC paths for detecting file changes on remote servers
Changed:                Filetriggers now can use remote impersonation to detect changes on remote servers
Changed:                Management agent triggers now searches the connector space for changes rather than relying on WMI information (which contains incorrect information when extensible management
                       agents are being used
Changed:                Templates now include embedded image and no longer referred to urls (which are not always resolvable in locked down environments)
Changed:                Client and service now monitors for configuration changes and reloads them if changes occur
Changed:                Task names cannot longer contain invalid directory and file characters
Changed:                Information can now be easily copied from the reports when viewed within the IM Sequencer
Changed:                General options 'Send email' and 'Save report' are renamed to 'Generate Report' and 'Email Report'
Changed:                Reporting base directory is now configurable for both the service and the client to contain relative or absolute paths
Changed:                You can start specific a step or start specific steps before or after steps within the IM Sequencer client when step profiles are loaded
Changed:                Script files (.vbs and .js) are now started correctly using the cscript command application
Changed:                Eventlog application source is registered during the setup both for the IM Sequencer Service and IM Sequencer Client
Changed:                All client and service error and fatal messages are now being logged in the eventlog (configurable through logging)
Changed:                All reporting templates now keep the scroll bar position, instead of going back to top when expanding the view
Changed:                If emails could not be send it is nog longer reported as a sequencer step error it is only reported in the eventlog (behavior can be changed)
Changed:                Disabled tasks, triggers, steps and conditions are now indicated with a gray background color
Changed:                Reporting stats are presented the same as shown in the UI from the synchronization server
Changed:                Existing plugins have changed, the now are grouped in different dll's. These are migrated when starting for the 1st time
Changed:                Context information is shown when pressing F1 with the custom plugins.
Changed:                Reporting templates updated for better display within email clients


Fixed:                       Bug: Reports were not displayed properly in all common browsers and email clients
Fixed:                       Bug: File patterns where no used correctly when using filetriggers
Fixed:                       Bug: Configuration settings are only applied after the service has been restarted
Fixed:                       Bug: Installation presented unknown dialog when running Windows 2008
Fixed:                       Bug: Stopping the IM Sequencer client manually did not correctly stop the steps when batch files started other processes
Fixed:                       Bug: Scheduled task overview does not always display the last run information for tasks
Fixed:                       Bug: Running task statistics sometimes showed incorrect number of running tasks
Fixed:                       Bug: Taskresult reports could not be created anymore after the system ran out of disk when the last report was written to disk incorrectly


Version 4.1.0

The IM Sequencer 4.1.0 is a new release that contains new plugins, fixes a couple of issues and a has few changes


Added:                SQL plugin, that enables the executing off stored procedures within SQL databases
Added:                Custom task condition plugin, that will check if the monitored task is not evaluating conditions to overcome deadlock situations


Changed:                The configuration file is rewritten an structured more logically
Changed:                Report extension (.html) send through email can be changed to avoid virus scanners that do not allow specific extensions
Changed:                Option added for to suppress run and password history cleaning for a specific run.
Changed:                The connector space is directly checked for pending imports and exports when running on the same machine, using WMI only is not sufficient due to issues in the WMI implementation


Fixed:                       Bug: Updating the scheduled tasks listview caused flickering in RDP sessions and Citrix sessions
Fixed:                       Bug: The stop button was hidden when the run is executed through the client
Fixed:                       Bug: Creating and reloading runprofiles would sometimes generate a fault
Fixed:                       Bug: Task wizard was not setting correct alerting settings on created tasks
Fixed:                       Bug: Edit step form layout fixed


Version 4.0

The IM Sequencer introduces a whole new concept of "plugins"  where you or others can easily develop plugins for triggers, steps or conditions.

Also version 4 brings "real time" data synchronization because there are new triggers that check the source systems (Omada and FIM) and triggers that can start when there is pending import or export data within a management agent.


Added:                Omada trigger plugin for detecting changes within the Omada application to trigger the synchronization
Added:                Forefront Identity Manager 2010 trigger plugin for detecting changes within the FIM portal to trigger the synchronization
Added:                Management agent trigger that "triggers"  on pending import (adds/modifies or deletes) or export (adds/modifies or deletes) or both
Added:                Ability to develop and use your own "trigger", "step"  or "condition"  via a plugin that you can develop, read more about these plugins here.                                                        Expect more plugins in the future.
Added:                A task creating wizzard that allows you to quickly create tasks
Added:                The filecopy move step now supports renaming "files" when copying them (date time and random number are included)
Added:                The scheduler now indicates a next predicated trigger time for scheduled tasks
Added:                A singlestep now has 2 options, do not run when there are no pending imports or do not run when there are no pending exports


Changed:                Time region differences fixed between synchronization data and status report
Changed:                Improvements made to the installer when upgrading to newer version.
Changed:                Sequencer step has the option to only send mail when the result is not success.
Changed:                Scheduled tasks are more integrated in the IM Sequencer client
Changed:                Direct edit or create step configurations through a task, in stead of the main screen
Changed:                Connection pane on the main screen is removed and replaced with a scheduled task pane
Changed:                Global connection dialog introduced that is used in the entire application for connecting with the synchronization server
Changed:                Time triggers now execute only on the specified interval, no longer when the interval is reached in relation to the last trigger datetime
Fixed:                       Bug: Multiple file triggers where causing issues with each other
Fixed:                       Bug: The sequencer step is stopped correctly when the scheduled task is stopped
Fixed:                       Bug: Minor bugfixes


Version 3.5.2

The IM Sequencer 3.5.2 fixed issues discovered in version 3.5.1 and adds small enhancements for FIM 2010


Added:                Installer now support installing on the FIM 2010 synchronization service server


Changed:                Improvements made to the installer when upgrading to newer version.
Changed:                Cannot set Timetrigger start and enddate to same value, start date must also be earlier than end date
Fixed:                       Bug: Time triggers triggers immediately after restarting IM Sequencer service
Fixed:                       Bug: When using custom filtering and IM Sequencer Service is stopped
Fixed:                       Bug: Weekly trigger did not trigger on specified time in special circumstances
Fixed:                       Bug: Task conditions did not load the tasks within the selection control
Fixed:                       Bug: Minor bugfixes


Version 3.5.1

The IM Sequencer 3.5.1 is a minor upgrade that introduces some new functionality and fixes some issues that exists in version 3.5.0


Added:                Snmp logging appender, check here for more information
Added:                External process has the option to "impersonate". Also impersonation for remote connection is available
Added:                FileCopyMove step has to option to "impersonate" for remote connections (connections to other servers and other accounts not in the same domain or computer)
Added:                Option to suppress the full synchronization warning in the eventlog that is logged by ILM
Added:                It is now possible to start in the middle of the current loaded runprofile, this can come in handy when a runprofile is canceled and you only want to continue the missing steps
                       You can access this option directly trough the context menu (right click on steps in the runprofile)


Changed:                Improvement made for FIM 2010.
Fixed:                       Bug: Editing the TimeTrigger for "hourly" triggers would always reset the interval to 1
Fixed:                       Bug: CustomFilter processor improved for latency in receiving messages send from the Traxion Filter agent
Fixed:                       Bug: Scheduler service nog longer accounts the "seconds" to determine the correct start time
Fixed:                       Bug: Minor bugfixes



Version 3.5.0

The IM Sequencer 3.5.0 is the next major release. It have took some time for this release to finish but the changes and additions in this version makes this version a must have!


Added:                Define start conditions for scheduled tasks, for instance start if:
                               - Management agent 'X' is (not) running
                               - File 'Y' is (not) available
                               - Process 'Z' is (not) running
                               - Task '1' is (not) running
                               - ILM Service is running
                       Read more about start conditions here
Added:                New total status report that contains all the details for the entire run, including run stats and error details per management agent profile, read more here.
Added:                New detail reports that include run statistics and custom filtering information, read more here.
Added:                When running the IM Sequencer client on the server, the run profiles are readied from the server and are no longer predefined as in previous versions
Added:                Integration with the Filter agents within the Traxion ILM Framework, messages are received and reported, read more here.
Added:                New report for email messages, because email programs sometimes don't allow javascript and hiding html elements


Changed:                The FileCopyMove step type in a scheduled task now supports:
                               - Change & Lock detection
                               - Wildcard copy
                               - Multiple file copy (only the oldest, the newest or all file in directory)
                               - Clearing source & destination directories
Changed:                The FileTrigger type in a scheduled task now supports:
                               - Change & Lock detection
Changed:                Last used runprofile directory is remembered
Changed:                Running steps in the tree view are collapsed again when "checkbox" is enabled
Changed:                Saving settings file while file is read-only results in a message explaining why saving failed
Fixed:                       Bug: Settings file saved on desktop
Fixed:                       Bug: Null reference exception when FileTrigger has no access to directory
Fixed:                       Bug: Email adres validation failed on correct email address.
Fixed:                       Bug: Minor bugfixes






Version 3.1.0

The IM Sequencer 3.1.0 is a small release that fixes a few bugs and has a few small changes


Added:                Edit step configuration file names.


Changed:                Synchronize and ASynchronize are change to "Start steps after another" and "Start all steps at once".


Fixed:                       Bug: Exception occurred when selecting "detail reports" drop down list
Fixed:                       Bug: New created tasks do not contain default trigger
Fixed:                       Bug: Minor bugfixes



Version 3.0.0

The IM Sequencer 3.0.0 release is a major release that introduces new features and fixes a few bugs that resides in the 2.0.1 release The most important features and fixes are shown below:


Added:                Runprofiles are now editable even if it fails to validate.
Added:                New detail report template added.
Added:                IM Sequencer installer is rewritten with the use of Wix witch provides richer installation option.
Added:                Password history in MIIS can now also be cleared.
Added:                Steps can now be enabled or disabled, disabled steps are also shown on the report.
Added:                Conditional run, if there is no data to process, the step skips starting the MIIS agent.
Added:                Status and detail reports are now viewable within the IM sequencer.
Added:                Trigger types expanded, now there are RunOnce, Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Montly triggers that trigger at specified times and intervals.
Added:                New trigger type FileTrigger, this trigger triggers if files are added, deleted or updated within the specified directory.
Added:                Advanced reporting for task results.
Added:                Task reports are viewable within the IM Sequencer.
Added:                Alerting available for tasks.
Added:                Tasks can now be started\stopped manually within the IM Sequencer.
Added:                Directly edit every step from the main steps view.
Added:                More step types available for tasks, File Copy/Move, Email Sender and External process step type.


Changed:                Name has changed from MIIS to IM Sequencer to affect the product changed Microsoft has made.
Changed:                Layout has been changed.
Changed:                New icons.
Changed:                Fully .NET 2.0 compatible, .NET 1.1 is no longer supported.
Changed:                MIIS Scheduler is renamed to IM Sequencer Service, and is and optional installation component in the new installer.
Changed:                MIIS Runhistory is cleared in batches rather than all at once, this will no longer clock up the SQL Transaction Log
Changed:                Redesigned internal step processing and handling.
Changed:                All password are now encrypted when stored in configuration files.


Fixed:                       Bug: Incorrect exception handling within separate threads
Fixed:                       Bug: Reporting templates does not show correct errors with some error types
Fixed:                       Bug: Minor bugfixes.



Version 2.0.1

The IM Sequencer 2.0.1 release is a minor release that primarily fixes a few bugs that resides in the 2.0.0 release The most important features and fixes are shown below:


Added:                Waiting screen added when using remote connections.
Added:                Tooltip text is being updated when running and application is minimized.
Added:                Steps and triggers in Scheduler control center can be ordered.


Changed:                Apply buttons are only enabled when the should be.
Changed:                New step configurations are stored in the RunProfiles directory by default.
Changed:                Step configurations are now fully editable, all steps can be moved trough the entire configuration.
Changed:                Step configurations nodes keep there state (expanded or collapsed).
Changed:                Minor changes.


Fixed:                       Bug: Thresholds dropdown list is no longer editable.
Fixed:                       Bug: Duration in reports cannot be longer than 24 hours.
Fixed:                       Bug: Minimize at startup is not working properly.
Fixed:                       Bug: SingleSteps hangs when referring management agent is no longer available when running.
Fixed:                       Bug: CSS in stylesheets contained double ";" , firefox was not handling this properly.
Fixed:                       Bug: Minor bugfixes.


Version 2.0.0

The IM Sequencer 2.0 release is the largest release ever for the IM Sequencer. There are allot of new features and fixes. The most important features and fixes are shown below:


Added:                Integrated the MIIS Scheduler.
Added:                Runprofiles are fully customizable trough the interface.
Added:                All program options are changeable trough the interface.
Added:                More information available in the GUI.
Added:                Parallel en sequential step processing.
Added:                Fully customizable logging system.
Added:                MSI installer which helps installing the IM Sequencer.
Added:                Intuitive help system.
Added:                Licensing system.
Changed:                Removed the concept thread, introduced the concept multisteps and singlesteps.
Changed:                Reporting templates are changed to XSLT stylesheets.
Changed:                Redesigned the GUI.
Changed:                More options available for command line processing.
Changed:                Processing times no longer contains milliseconds.
Fixed:                       Bug: Run validator does not display correct icons.
Fixed:                       Bug: Unable to restart the run when it finished.
Fixed:                       Bug: Step results are wrong when aborting steps run.
Fixed:                       Bug: Detail report template did not display all error types.
Fixed:                       Bug: Detail report are sometimes empty.


Version 1.1.0


Added:                Thresholds checking for every step.
Changed:                Running external applications or scripts before or after a step.
Fixed:                        Bug: Configuration files could not be placed outside the directory where the IM Sequencer is installed.



Version 1.0.0 (initial release)

This is the first release for the IM Sequencer, this release has the following features:


Run MIIS management agents that are configured in XML files in a Graphical Interface.
Configure threads that contains steps within the xml files.
Create and e-mail html status reports.
Create and e-mail html detail reports.
Configure what results are errors, warnings and successes.
Command line mode





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