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Powershell Automation

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Using IM Sequencer PowerShell

When you have installed the IM Sequencer Automation and want to use the PowerShell you can use the predefined scripts. The scripts are located in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Traxion\IM Sequencer Automation\PowerShell support
You can also create your own scripts, the following settings are imported:
[Traxion.IM.Sequencer.Automation.SchedulerEngineWsClient]::EnableLogging = 1;
Log message to console

[Traxion.IM.Sequencer.Automation.SchedulerEngineWsClient]::UseConfigurationFile= 1;
Use default .Net configuration file (powershell.config)


At default the assembly is located in the GAC, therefore you only need to provide the library you want to load. When creating a new instance you specific the url which to connect to and optionally define if you want a secure connection (default = true)

With PowerShell you can do the following things:

- Start a task (with or without a condition)
- Stop a task
- Stop all tasks
- Disable a task
- Enable a task
- Disable entire engine (only until next restart)
- Enable engine (if disabled previously)
- Get all task names
- Check if task is running
- Count the number of tasks (running or not)


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