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Omada Automation

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Configuring IM Sequencer Omada workflow

When you have installed the IM Sequencer Automation on the Omada server and want to use the Omada workflow component, additional configuration steps are necessary.

1.Login to Omada enterprise and go to “Setup” à “Master Data” à “Code Assemblies” and press New and set the value to Traxion.IM.Sequencer.Automation.Omada.dll then press Ok
2.The assembly will be added to the list
3.Go to the SQL server where the Omada database is hosted and execute the script AddOmadaCustomerSettings.sql that is located in the installation directory
(Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Traxion\IM Sequencer Automation\Omada support)
This will add the following customer settings to the Omada database



this is where the IM Sequencer service is located (on what server)


Optional reference this can be used for reporting purposes, you will see this value on the report.


Use a secure connection (user is validated)


Information is logged to the console


Search for the configuration in the web.config


Webservice is enabled, if set to false the methods will return false (but the webservice is not called)


Using IM Sequencer Omada workflow


1.After the settings are created you can call the desired action by selecting the correct method when you create a code method.
applicationReference:        Optional reference used for reporting
nameOrGuid:                The name or guid for the scheduled task
skipCondition:                True to skip any conditions that are configured on the task




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