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IM Sequencer Automation

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From version 5.0 the IM Sequencer service can be contacted via web services. There is a specific setup called IM Sequencer Automation Setup (available via This setup contains several ways to communicate with the IM Sequencer service using:

- Omada workflow (code method) - start or stop tasks via workflow, event or custom code methods
- Powershell        - start or stop tasks via powershell scripts
- Regular webservice (WCF)        - start or stop tasks via the webservice


The installation guide is available for download through this will guide you through the required setup and configuration for each component, or you can read the specific configuration steps here:


- Configure and use Omada workflow

- Using Powershell

- Using Webservices


Using the IM Sequencer Automation gives you the most flexibility when and how you want to start your synchronization, making the synchronization real time when you need it. You can still use the real time triggers that you can configure on a synchronization task.



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