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Graph options

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Each graph contains options which determines the way the graph is generated and displayed


This is the period for which the data is gathered, for instance all management agents executions from the last week, you can select last 24 hours, last week or last month. Or you can select a custom period.



This is the data type for which the data is gathered for the indicated period, currently Tasks, Step configuration and management agents are supported.


The content determines which data is presented in the graph, for instance durations shows the times it takes for the scope in the indicated period. Duration and all statistics (export, import and sync) are supported, however statistics are only supported for management agents.


       Filters are specific filters for the selected content (if applicable) so you can only view specific statistics (for instance only errors) in the indicates period

Based on the selected content the items contains all the relevant data elements to select for the graph, for instance when your scope is management agents all the management agents and their runprofiles are shown



Indicates which type of graph is to be generated, sometimes column charts or line charts shows the data in a better perspective


Calculate average each

When you selected data elements generate a lot of entries within a few minutes your graph can contain a lot of data, using the average you can generate an average every 'x' minutes. This will generate a cleaner chart.


Show empty scopes

When there is no data gathered for some selected items you can hide them from the chart legend (because there is no data available)


Show markers

Shows each point in the graph with a small marker, this is useful to see the exact points in the time


Save as template
Save the configured options as a graph template. Graph templates can be scheduled or predefined intervals and send to a specific email address.


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