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General tasks pane

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On the general task pane you will find the most used tasks, each individual task is explained below:

               General tasks pane

New steps configuration
This option allows you to create a new step configuration.


Load steps configuration
When this task is executed the system checks if FIM/MIM is installed locally, if FIM/MIM could not be found locally a warning dialog will popup.
The warning dialog tells you to enter the correct information in the connections options pane.


If the current user account is member to a domain and has enough rights to access the synchronization server you only have to provide the correct server
address.  If you or the synchronization server is not a member to a Active Directory domain you need to provide a valid username & password combination
to access the synchronization server.
Note: The user account needs to be member to the local MIISAdmins (MIIS/ILM) or FIMSyncAdmins (FIM) security group  on the (remote) synchronization server.
After you have provided the correct connection information to the synchronization or the server could be found locally the "Open file" dialog popups, where you can select a
appropriate steps configuration file that contains the steps you want to load.


After you have selected a steps configuration file the validation process starts, when the validation process fails you are able to alter the configuration,
the system will automatically provide you the option to make the necessary changes.
Edit steps configuration
When the steps configuration is loaded you can edit the step configuration. Editing the step configuration allows you to change the complete configuration. When you are finished editing the step configuration will be reloaded in the steps view.
note: this option is only available if you already loaded a valid steps configuration file, when your step configuration could not be validated because the steps are no longer available you will be provided the option to edit the step configurations.
Start steps
If all steps are successfully loaded the start button will be enabled, pressing this button will start the steps that are loaded. All steps are starting in a
synchronically or asynchronously order. The statistics pane shows the progress and the eventual result.
note: this option is only available if the steps are loaded and not running.
Stop steps
If you have started the sequencer the stop button will be displayed and enables you to stop the sequencer. Stopping the sequencer will result
in aborting the current steps and will not create and email a report.
note: this option is only available if the steps are running.




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