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General options pane

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The general options pane enables you to define general options for the IM Sequencer.

               General options pane

These options are used on each individual IM Sequencer run, these options can also be used trough the command line.


Generate report
The results from the sequencer run will be gathered and presented in an html report. The report will be generated using the configured report template. The report template is configured in program options.


Email report
The generated report will be send to all the recipients using the configured email settings.
This option cannot be selected when there are no servers or recipients configured or the senders address is invalid or missing.
Dummy run
The sequencer can execute a dummy run, the dummy run will not start the FIM/MIM agents and enables you to view if the correct order of management agents is created and if the settings you have made are the correct ones. The report (if the option is enabled) will also be generated and emailed (if option is enabled).


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