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External process step

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The external process step type executes a script or application with predefined arguments.
There are a several settings you can set:



Process file
The full path to the application or script file
Note: It's not advised to change the executable path unless is absolutely necessary.


Process arguments
The arguments that will be used to start the external process.


Working directory
If not set, the working directory is the same directory as the location of the "Process file"


Check this option if you want to impersonate when you are executing the process . Impersonation can help if the Service Account for the IM Sequencer Service
does not have the appropriate rights to start or run the process.
Note: The IM Sequencer service account requires additional permission to logon and start a process as the impersonated user, please make sure you assign the following privileges to the IM Sequencer service account. You can assign these rights via the Local Security Policy --> User Right Assignment
Adjust memory quotas for a process
Replace a process level token
Without these additional privileges you can get the following error: CreateProcessAsUser error #1314


- Username
Username used during impersonation, you can use Domain\Username combination.


- Password        
Password for specified username.
Note: The provided credentials will not be tested during setup, if you provide the wrong credentials the impersonation will fail, impersonation will revert at the end of this step type.
- Use remote impersonation

Use this option if the username and password cannot be validated on the current machine. For instance when you want to run the process in another context (and this process is accessing resources from another domain or workgroup machine).



                                        External process step


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