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Download step

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The download step is a step that downloads files from a remote server

       General setting
       All general WinScp settings are described here, below you will find the specific parameters for the download step


The step is called "Traxion.IM.Scheduler.Plugins.WinScp.DownloadStep"



The following parameters apply additionally for the download step:


Remote path

       Remote path on the server (can include file mask). Enter * to download everything in the current directory.


Local path

       Local path where the remote files are downloaded to. Path can include a full file name the files are downloaded using this name.


Clear local directory before download

       All files in the local directory will be removed before new files are downloaded


Remove remote file(s)

       All files that have been downloaded will be deleted on the remote server


Verify downloads
Check that at least 1 file is downloaded, if no file is downloaded return code 2 is set


File download pattern
Optional file pattern that can be used to download files, ie *.xml will download all xml files in the remote directory.


Multiple file download behavior
When a wildcard is used you can specify what to download, for example if you have 5 files that match the search pattern *.xml, only the newest or oldest xml file is downloaded.


Preserve timestamp

       Preserve the timestamp for the downloaded file


Transfer mode

       Transfer mode. Possible values are Binary (default), Ascii and Automatic (based on file extension).


                               Download step type settings


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