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Custom condition

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The custom condition is a condition that is used for a plugin condition implementation. The custom condition is linked to a plugin implementation (dll) and this plugin is called in order to validate if the condition is valid.


       General setting
       All general custom condition settings are described below, to develop your own condition plugin read more here.


When the form is loaded is searches the plugin directory within the plugin directory from the IM Sequencer (a subdirectory within the "bin" directory). All plugins that are valid (that implement the correct interface) will be available. If you select a plugin from the dropdownbox information regarding the plugin is shown on the form.
The IM Sequencer 6.0 has several plugins out of the box:
- Custom task condition that checks if tasks are running (but skipping evaluation for deadlocks).
- Powershell condition that executes a Powershell script or command
- Remote Powershell condition that executes a Powershell script or command on a remote server
- FTP/FTPS/SCP file condition that checks if file is or is not available
- FTP/FTPS/SCP files condition that checks if matching files are or are not available
For more information regarding the custom plugins check the custom development paragraph.


Plugin parameters

All parameters that are available in the plugin are shown in the grid. You will need to provide the information for all parameters if necessary.


                               Custom condition type settings


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