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Connection options

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This dialog is used to set the connection settings to the synchronization service. The synchronization service can be MIIS, ILM, FIM or MIM. The IM Sequencer can connect to them all.



                        Connection dialog


Synchronization service is on this machine
When the synchronization service is running on the same machine you do need to provide anything. The current user information is used to connect to the service
Synchronization server
The DNS name or IP number from the remote FIM/MIM server, during the validation process the server is first pinged to check if it's online and then the WMI connection is being established.
note: The only option to communicate with the FIM/MIM server is trough WMI.
{Domain} \ Username
If the remote synchronization server is member to a domain you do not have to provide a username & password combination (But the account currently logged on needs to have the appropriate rights to access the synchronization server).
If the synchronization server is not a member to a domain you can provided the local administrator or another username that has enough rights to access the synchronization server.
If the workstation is not logged on to the domain you need to specify the appropriate domain user name (domain\username).
This domain user needs to have the appropriate rights to access the synchronization server
note: You cannot provide a username and password combination for local FIM/MIM connections.
If you have provided a username you will need to provide a valid password, this password is being validated during the validation process.




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