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A condition within a Task determine if a task is allowed to start.


Currently there are 5 standard condition types supported, but via the custom condition more conditions are available.

FileDirectory condition
Check if a specific file or directory (not) exists
Process condition
Checks if a specific process is (not) running
ManagementAgent condition
Check if a specific management agent is (not) running
SyncServiceRunning condition
Check if the synchronization service is (not) running
Task condition
Check if a specific task is (not) running
Custom condition
Other conditions provided via plugins like Powershell or WinSCP, you can also develop your own condition plugins more information can be found here.



Condition Advanced


Every condition contains information that is equal for every condition, click on the above links to find more specific information about that condition type.


Indicates if this condition is currently enabled. Disabling a condition makes sure this condition is not evaluated if a task is allowed to start.


                                               Condition advanced settings


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