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Commandline arguments

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The IM Sequencer Client can be fully controlled through command line arguments.


The following arguments are supported:


/f        - Steps configuration file that contains the steps
/s        - FIM/MIM server name (DNS or Netbios), only use when not working locally. (see connection options)
/u        - FIM/MIM [Domain\]username, only use this option when not working locally. (see connection options)
/p        - FIM/MIM password for provided username, only use when not working locally. (see connection options)
/i        - Show the progress in the GUI, only use this options when not started from a windows service.
/d        - Perform a dummy run (External process are not started and FIM/MIM agents are not executed.
/e        - Send a html report to the specified receivers in the XML file.
/es        - Send the report only when the result is not success
/r        - Save the report in the Reports directory for history purposes.
/x        - Do not exit the application when the processing has finished.
/m        - Minimizes application to system tray on startup.
/hc        - Supresses the cleaning of history, this will improve the run time if you need very short run cycles



Argument usage:


IM Sequencer Client.exe [/f (runprofiles file name location)] [/s (FIM/MIM server location)] [/u (FIM/MIM Username)] [/p (FIM/MIM Password)] [/i] [/d] [/e] [/es] [/r] [/x] [/m] [/hc]


The first option (/f) is a required option that has to be provided so that the IM Sequencer will load and start automatic. All other options are not required.


If the last options are not provided the IM Sequencer will treat the arguments as not provided (ie false)


The IM Sequencer Service also uses these command line arguments to control the IM Sequencer Client.
IM Sequencer exit codes
When the IM Sequencer is started without any interface the following result code applies.

The exit codes also applies when started with a interface and without the option /x (do not exit application when finished)


0        -        IM Sequencer run successful and all steps are success.

1        -        IM Sequencer run successful but there are steps that have warning results.

2        -        IM Sequencer run successful but there are steps that have error results.

3        -        IM Sequencer could not start due to a validation error.

4        -        IM Sequencer could not generate a new report.

5        -        IM Sequencer could not e-mail the generated report.

6        -        The license file used is invalid, contact Traxion or visit

7        -        IM Sequencer returned a unknown error, check the log file for specific information




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