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Check files changed trigger

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The check files trigger is a trigger that is able to start when a file is being added, modified or removed on the remote server

       General setting
       All general WinScp settings are described here, below you will find the specific parameters for the check files trigger


The trigger is called "Traxion.IM.Scheduler.Plugins.WinScp.CheckFilesChangedTrigger"



The following parameters apply additionally for the check files trigger:


Remote path

       Full path on the remote server to check for file changes


File mask

       Optional file mask to check for files, *.xml only check changes for xml files


Check interval minutes

       Defaults to 5 minutes check every 5 minutes for changes, can set to 0 to check every minute.


Monitor added

       Check for added files


Monitor changed
Check for changed files


Monitor deleted
Check for deleted files


Check for available files
Check for available files, this does not check for added or modified files only if there are files available (that match the file mask if configured)


Enable size lock detection
When set to 'true' when changes are detected the file size is checked again within a few seconds to see if the file is still increasing in size (indicating it is till being copied)


                               Check files trigger type settings


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